Displays, Challenges, and Contests

The office of the MoAS sponsors or supports a variety of arts and sciences activities over the course of the year. Some are designed for display only (essentially show and tell, no judging), challenges (narrow criteria set by the challenger, recognizes the entrants’ contributions, may or may not have a declared winner), and contests (specific criteria to meet according to set rules, a declared winner). Some are one-time only, some are repeated according to a schedule.

Judging and event forms, entrant release forms, and judging criteria are located here.

The current calendar of kingdom level contests routinely are:

  • Tempore Atlantia is a contest held three times a year (normally Fall Crown in November, Kingdom 12th Night in January, Spring Crown in May) with a rotation of four time periods (pre-history to 1000AD, 1000-1350AD, 1350-1500AD, and 1500-1600AD). The contest is run by the Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences and is judged to determine the winner).
  • Cultura Atlantia is a contest held twice a year at the start of a new reign (Spring Coronation in April, Fall Coronation in October) to promote Their Majesties’ preferred time period. The contest is run by the Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences and the winner is determined by Their Majesties.
  • The Royal Notables (Royal Brewer, Royal Baker, A&S Champion, Poeta Atlantiae, and Scrivenor Royal) are contests held at set times during the year to select the Crown’s choice to serve as an exemplar of their art for Atlantia. The contest to select the Notable’s successor is run by the Notable with oversight by the Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences. The winner is determined by Their Majesties.
  • The Persona Pentathlon is held once a year at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival in March. The pentathlon is sponsored by the Order of the Laurel with support from the Kingdom Ministry of Arts and Sciences. In association with the Pentathlon is the Youth Triathlon which has a similar format but is for entrants 17 and younger. The winners are determined by judging.

The next Tempore Atlantia (prehistory-1000 AD) is at Spring Crown on May 7, 2022.

The current kingdom level challenges are:

  • The Invitatium communitatibus parvis (small team challenge) that runs from June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022. There will be an online display of entrants as well as in-person displays at the June session of the University of Atlantia depending on circumstances.

Other challenges sponsored by individuals or arts and sciences communities: