Contacts for the Ministry of Arts and Sciences

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences – Dame Sophia the Orange – moas AT

Deputy for Contests – Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya – beatriz.aluares AT or contests_deputy AT

Northern Regional Deputy – Lady Lucy of Wigan

Southern Regional Deputy – Boiarynia Ceara of Novogrod – TrueFiberGeek AT

Emergency Deputy – Master James of Middle Aston – dmoas-emergency AT

Chancellor of the University of Atlantia – Ollamh Jeane Kilmeny – chancellor AT

Registrar of the University of Atlantia – Mistress Elisabeth MacAlester – registrar AT

Editor of The Oak – Lady Mariana Ruiz de Medina – the_oak AT

Agriculture and Forestry – Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe – LadyGreenleafe AT

Guild Liaison – Lady Marta de Lyon – martadelyon AT

Historical Martial Arts – Lord Jacques Gonse – jgfath AT

Web Deputy – Olivier de Bayonne – olivier AT

Contact information for local MoAS can be found on group websites. A full list is available on the main Atlantian website and is searchable by Zip Code. A full roster of the MoAS officers is available to authorized parties upon request to moas AT