Resources for A&S Discipline-Specific Activities and Interests

Participation in the arts and sciences covers a multitude of skills and topics ripe for research and creation. It is not always easy to find the right person or group to explore your interests and abilities. Here are some places to start. You may also want to check out the Contacts page to see if there is a Deputy KMoAS in the discipline in which you are interested.

If you can’t find an appropriate group here, it is recommended you call out on a social media platform like the public Facebook group The Merry Rose of Atlantia. Something likely already exists here or in another kingdom that will meet your needs. If not, this may help you find other like-minded people who want to form their own discussion group.

Kingdom Chartered Guilds*, discipline specific, and special interest discussion groups

*Chartered guilds — those officially sanctioned by the KMoAS — cannot have exclusive membership and cannot sell products for profit. If the guild has financial activities, it should have an exchequer. See Guidance for Chartered Guilds.

Facebook Discussion Groups

Many of these groups are private and you will need to request an invitation to join.

Private compilations and archives

There are a few web presences that are well-established and commonly made use of by SCA
members. That these are mentioned here is in no way a recommendation by the Atlantian
MoAS and the office makes no representation of their quality or content.