Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences

The Atlantian Ministry of Arts and Sciences seeks to provide resources for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism who are interested in the arts and sciences of pre-17th century cultures, to assist Arts & Sciences Officers with their duties, and to promote the work of Atlantian artisans and craftspeople.

MoAS Contacts, Administration, Training, and Publications and Education

Contacts and Administration
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, and Kingdom Deputies, and other useful contact information

MoAS Resources
Publications, warrant and reporting forms (links to the MoAS Handbook, the University of Atlantia, and information about MoAS warrant and reporting requirements)

The Royal Notables
Meet the current Royal Notables of Atlantia. You can also learn more about their history.

University of Atlantia (external site)
Announcements and course catalogs for previous and upcoming sessions.

The Oak (external site)
Atlantia’s arts & sciences periodical.

Displays, Challenges, and Contests and Judging and Event Forms

Displays, Challenges, and Contests
Information about kingdom level A&S exhibits and contests

Judging and Event Forms
The current rubrics for judging A&S contests and reporting on A&S activities

Resources for A&S Discipline-Specific Activities and Interests

Resources for A&S Discipline-Specific Activities and Interests
Information about guilds and special interest groups, social media discussion groups, and some of the more popular private compilations of online information for artisans and craftspeople

Library of A&S Links
Repository of links to information on assorted disciplines as well as for Atlantian artisans and groups