Royal Notables

Atlantia has many champions. Some fight with traditional weapons: sword, rapier, bow and even siege engines. Others find their talents more suited for the true battlefield of arts and sciences contests. Whether finding ways to bottle spirits, bake confections, raise voices in song or putting pen to paper, these Royal Notables assist the populace in praising our Crowns and spreading Atlantian honor wherever they go!

The Royal Notables are contests where individuals vie for the title in specific disciplines. The office of the Minister of Arts and Sciences has oversight of the selection of Notables to ensure continuity, but these honors are independent of the MoAS.

At this writing, there are six Royal Notable contests over the course of the year. More than one person may hold the title of a particular Notable at the same time, if it pleases Their Majesties.

The timing of the contests can vary, but traditionally take place at the same event annually. Typically, a Royal Notable serves for a period of one year, unless otherwise noted. Royal Notables are charged with being active in their artistic discipline, serving the Crown with products of their art (within reason), holding contests during their tenure (typically two exclusive of the contest for their successor), educating the populace about their art (teaching at the University of Atlantia is encouraged), and holding the contest for their successor. The contest for the successor should be announced at least two months in advance in The Acorn with details about the contest. New Royal Notables should ensure that the KMoAS is informed of the changeover and contact the Kingdom Web Minister to update the regnum.

The final choice of who is named a Royal Notable is up to Their Majesties. The selection process involves an advisory panel of at least two of the following: Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, the Notable, and the KMoAS, or a proxy for the designated advisor.

The Notables are:

Arts & Sciences Champion — annually at 12th Night, or as needed to represent the Crowns of Atlantia. This Champion is not discipline-specific, but selected from entrants for their exceptional level of execution in their art, and knowledge thereof. This Champion may be called upon to represent Atlantia in inter-kingdom A&S contests, or may contribute to such other tasks as the Crown may request.

  • Current A&S Champions – Queen’s Champion Baroness Jane Fox and King’s Champion Doña Costança Daguiar (January 2022)

Poeta Atlantiae — The Poeta contest takes place at Caer Mear’s annual Gem Joust over Memorial Day weekend. Entrants are given a format involving themes and number of poems for entry.

  • Current Poeta – Master Cataldo Querini (March 2024)

Royal Baker — annually at Kingdom Arts And Sciences Festival (KASF) on the first weekend in March.

  • Current Royal Baker – Baroness Ingegerd Kastanrazi (March 2024)

Royal Bard — annually at 12th Night on the second Saturday in January.

  • Lady Signý Jarnadóttir (Rose Bard) and Song Qingzao Zhufu (Crown Bard) (January 2024)

Royal Brewer — annually at KASF on the first weekend in March, or if the site does not permit alcohol, then the first reasonable opportunity thereafter.

  • Current Royal Brewster – Lady Eva Nethyrwode (April 2024)

Scrivener Royal — selected at each Coronation to serve the new Crown.

  • Current ScrivenerLady Zofia Anzelmanka (April 2024)

Historical Note: The Royal Notables contests have changed over time, rising and falling with the popularity of a particular art or activity. Former Notables like the Royal Armorer have gone by the wayside. Their Majesties are free to add or delete the contest for a Notable as They see fit. For a list of past notables, see the Kingdom of Atlantia History page.