MoAS Resources, Publications and Training Materials, and Warrant and Reporting Forms

Ministers of Arts and Sciences should be familiar with the contents of the MoAS Handbook (December 2021 version) and the sections of Kingdom Law and Policy that pertain to arts and sciences activity. There is also a short A&S Officer Quick Reference that may be helpful. There is no specific training course required for local group MoAS or KMoAS Deputies. However, training classes can be offered periodically at the University of Atlantia.

To learn more about what MoASes do, see What Does a MoAS Do?.

Local group MoAS and KMoAS Deputies are required to be warranted officers and submit quarterly reports to the Kingdom MoAS. Warrants for local MoAS can only be issued to SCA paid members and must be approved by the local seneschal and the KMoAS, and if the group is a barony, by the sitting Baron(s). Deputies are only required to be warranted by the KMoAS. The exception is the Chancellor of the University who must be warranted by the Crown as well. Warrants are good for three years and may be extended indefinitely.

All MoAS should subscribe to the MoAS email list as soon as they are warranted, and unsubscribe as soon as they step down.

Optionally, they can also contact the KMoAS and ask for instructions on joining the PRIVATE Facebook discussion group for Atlantian MoAS.

The warrant form for local MoAS and KMoAS Deputies can be found here.

Local group MoAS have a deadline to submit quarterly reports:

  • 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) – April 15
  • 2nd quarter (Apr-June) – July 15
  • 3rd quarter (July-Sept) – October 15
  • 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) – January 15

Local group quarterly report form – This form is for local MoAS only; KMoAS Deputies see below for calendar and links.

The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences has the discretion to appoint Deputies to assist in the duties of the office, except for the Chancellor of the University which is mandated in Kingdom Law as an officer of Atlantia. All Deputies must be SCA paid members and warranted by the KMoAS. For a list of the current Deputies, see the Contacts page.

Deputies of the KMoAS must also submit a quarterly report:

  • 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) – May 15
  • 2nd quarter (Apr-June) – August 15
  • 3rd quarter (July-Sept) – November 15
  • 4th quarter (Oct-Dec) – February 15

The forms for the administrative Deputies are for individual offices. There is a single form for discipline-specific Deputies.

The KMoAS is required to be a current SCA paid member and to be warranted by the Crown and the Society MoAS.

KMoAS warrant form (PDF)

The KMoAS is also required to submit quarterly reports, although the schedule is a bit different.

  • 1st quarter (Dec-Feb) – March 15
  • 2nd quarter (Mar-May) – June 15
  • 3rd quarter (Jun-Aug) – September 15
  • 4th quarter (Sep-Nov) – December 15

KMoAS quarterly report form