Tempore Atlantia

The Tempore Atlantia is a contest to determine the best entry for one of four time periods.

The contest time period rotates among:

  • Prehistory-1000 AD
  • 1000 AD-1350 AD
  • 1350 AD-1500 AD
  • 1500 AS-1600 AD

The contest is traditionally held three times a year at Kingdom 12th Night and Spring and Fall Crown Tournament. Royalty and the local hosting groups may, of course, sponsor other contests or displays, and to occur alongside Tempore Atlantia activities.

The next Tempore contests will be held at Fall Crown (TBD; 1500-1600 AD), Twelfth Night (January 11, 2025; Prehistory-1000 AD), and Spring Crown (May 3, 2025; 1000 AD-1350 AD). Note that all dates are tentative and subject to change if there should be an alteration in the Kingdom event calendar.

Individuals may bring as many items as they wish to participate in a Tempore Atlantia exhibition. The only criteria will be that those items be from the time period being highlighted at that particular event. We hope that the Kingdom’s Laurels, Pearls, and others will make it a regular part of their event day to visit the display area and perhaps leave comments and/or tokens for participants.

If you want to participate but are unable to do so in person or have someone bring your entry to the event, please contact the Contests Deputy and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. We will try to accommodate you with an online option.

Entrants will be able to mark their items as “non-competitive” (display-only) if they choose.

Contest Sponsorship: If you are interested in sponsoring a prize, contact the Deputy for Contests. Individuals, local groups, and guilds may sponsor specific prizes (For example: best piece of embroidery from the period being highlighted that day). The sponsor should determine whether the winner will be selected based on Judge’s Choice, or scored by a group of judges. You must contact the Deputy for Contests to register your Tempore Atlantia sponsorship at least three months before the date of the event at which the contest will be held.

Information for Autocrats: If you are hosting an event where Tempore Atlantia will be held, the Deputy for Contests will need: 3 tables (one for contestant work, one for displayed work, and one for administrative use) and 3-4 chairs. This is in addition to any needs for other A&S activities of the day.

Historical Note: Tempore Atlantia was started at the Fall Coronation of 2002 by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. Originally, the event took place at Crown Tournaments, Coronations, and 12th Night. In 2016, this was reduced to only Crown Tournaments in order to allow for greater diversity in Kingdom-level contests. In 2019, Kingdom 12th Night was returned to the line up in order to have the time periods rotate throughout the year. Also, time periods were adjusted slightly to better match major shifts in medieval culture.