Persona Pentathlon

The Persona Pentathlon is one of the most rigorous contests in Atlantia and is open to anyone aged 18 and older. There is a separate Youth Triathlon for entrants 17 years and under.

Persona Pentathlon

The Pentathlon requires five (5) separate items that a single persona would have used or owned. The entry does not have to be your persona, but all five (5) items should be from the same time period and culture for a single individual.

Youth Triathlon

The Youth Triathlon is similar to the Pentathlon, but there are fewer entries. Each entrant is required to enter three (3) separate items that a single persona would have used or owned. Then entry does not have to be your persona, but all three (3) items should be from the same time period and culture for a single individual.

The next Personal Pentathlon will take place at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Information about submitting online entries will be published by early 2023. Research papers will have a deadline two weeks before to allow the judges time to give them proper attention. The contest coordinator is Baron Geoffrey Athos von Ulm OL at: jmu1861 AT

There are seven (7) different categories. Three (3) of your five (5) items must be from different categories (not sub-categories, but the overall major categories). These categories include suggested entries, but are not limited to such.

Each item must have separate documentation. Any citation style is permitted, but please be consistent.

All entries are judged using the Kingdom Criteria Judging Forms. The criteria varies between items and categories. Judges use this criteria to fill out the judging form for each item you enter. Because of the complexity of this contest, we recommend all entrants review the judging form AND the appropriate category criteria which can be found here (see below). The entry form for the Pentathlon/Triathlon is available online and should be filled out prior to entry at the event.


Category 1: Manuscript & Fine Arts (bookbinding, calligraphy, drawing, illumination, painting,
papermaking, pigments & inks, sculpture)

Category 2: Garb & Fiber Arts (beadwork, clothing accessories (including belts, pouches, and
fans), clothing/costume, hats, knitting, nalbinding, knotted work, lacemaking, needlework
(counted thread or free form))

Category 3: Glass & Pottery (ceramics, enameling, glass blowing, lamp working, lapidary, mosaic, pottery, stained glass)

Category 4: Medieval Life (basket weaving, brewing & vintning, cooking, dyeing, furniture making, herb craft, soap making, spinning, toys & games, weaving (full-sized fabrics or narrow bands))

Category 5: Performance-Related and Writing (lyric composition, masks, music composition, performance (vocal, instrumental, poetry, storytelling), poetry, prose, dance performance and composition, martial arts performance, research paper)

Category 6: Metal, Leather, Wood & Other ‘Hard’ Arts (armor, chain mail, blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, iron work, tool making, casting, leather work, wood carving and construction, making musical instruments)

Category 7: Miscellaneous (heraldic display, horse barding, subtleties, and anything else that just doesn’t seem to fit into the other categories)

Discipline-Specific Criteria

Accessories, Clothing (or as PDF)Archery Equipment (or as PDF)Armor (or as PDF)
Bookbinding (or as PDF)Brewing, Vintning and Infusions (or as PDF)Calligraphy (or as PDF)
Cartography (or as PDF)Ceramics and Pottery (or as PDF)Chainmail (or as PDF)
Chandlery (Candle and Soapmaking) (or as PDF)Clothing, Early Period (600-1350 AD) (or as PDF)Clothing, Middle Period (1351-1450 AD) (or as PDF)
Clothing, Late Period (1451-1600 AD) (or as PDF)Cooking, Course (or as PDF)Cooking, Single Dish (or as PDF)
Cooking, Subtleties, Entremets, and Illusion Foods (or as PDF)Dance Performance, Eastern (or as PDF)Dance Performance, European (or as PDF)
Dramatic Performance (or as PDF)Dyeing (or as PDF)Embroidery, Counted Thread (or as PDF)
Embroidery, Freeform (or as PDF)Enamelwork (or as PDF)Equestrian Equipment (or as PDF)
Felt Making (or as PDF)Games, Toys, and Dolls (or as PDF)Glasswork (or as PDF)
Heraldic Display (or as PDF)Illumination (or as PDF)Instruments, Scientific (or as PDF)
Jewelry (or as PDF)Knit, Crochet, and Macrame (or as PDF)Lacemaking (or as PDF)
Leatherwork (or as PDF)Material Preparation (or as PDF)Metalwork (or as PDF)
Miscellaneous Crafts (generic criteria for any A&S) (or as PDF)Musical Performance, Instrumental (or as PDF)Musical Performance, Vocal (or as PDF)
Needlework, Miscellaneous (or as PDF)Painting (or as PDF)Poetry (or as PDF)
Research Papers (or as PDF)Sculpture (or as PDF)Spinning (or as PDF)
Spoken Performance (or as PDF)Stained Glass (or as PDF)Tents (or as PDF)
Weaponry (or as PDF)Weaving, Band/Tablet/Inkle (or as PDF)Weaving, Standard (or as PDF)
Woodwork (or as PDF)