Chapter 9: The University of Atlantia

Atlantian Arts & Sciences Handbook

The University of Atlantia offers a wide variety of classes in topics including, but not limited to: arts, sciences, history, newcomers, martial arts, performing arts, officer training, and SCA culture in a lecture or hands-on class in a school-like setting. All MoAS should encourage the populace to attend the University as a student or as a teacher. Attendance will inherently increase the knowledge level of the branch as many individuals have gone to University and then returned to their local branch willing to share what they have learned. This will result in an increase in local classes, workshops, and colleges.

Mistress Deirdre O’Siodhachain (a former Chancellor) submitted the following information for this handbook:

Atlantia’s University is a fine and noble institution dedicated to bringing together teachers and students. It facilitates the study of subjects related to the Middle Ages and Renaissance and our activities in the SCA. By Royal charter, the University meets two to four times a year and is hosted by a different branch each time. The University tries to sponsor a variety of classes to serve as wide a cross-section of the populace as possible.

The University website provides access information about University attendance, degree requirements and degrees earned, and catalogs of past Universities which can be used to find teachers and recorded classes through the intermediary of the Registrar or Chancellor.

Hosting a University

The University is constantly seeking potential hosts. Local MoAS are encouraged to explore the possibility of hosting a session. It is one of the easiest Kingdom level events to sponsor. The University makes an effort to rotate sessions among regions of the kingdom. Smaller groups are welcome to put in a bid. The University does not focus on the size of expected attendance, but on ensuring that even groups in more remote locations receive a chance to enjoy the benefits of in-person Universities. While most University sessions are held in schools or similar settings, it has also taken place in campgrounds and parks where the facilities encourage the teaching of arts that are noisy and/or messy, or the participation of martial activities. For a more detailed description of site requirements and procedures, reference the bidding guidelines or contact the Chancellor.