Appendix B: Guilds

Atlantian Arts & Sciences Handbook

In Atlantia, officially sanctioned guilds are bound by rules and traditions. Guilds are communities that share a common interest in a special field or art form, and desire to promote that field or artform throughout the Kingdom. Guilds provide a more structured format in which people may share information, research, and resources, teach classes and workshops and support a focus on their field or art form.

Guilds are strongly encouraged to host workshops and classes throughout the year at various events including Kingdom Universities and have demos and displays throughout the year at various events, including KASF. Quarterly reports from the guild are not required. However, as the arts and sciences are an important part of the Society maintaining its non-profit status, it is requested that the Guild Leader forward reports at least twice a year to the KMoAS.

Guilds that are officially sanctioned by the KMoAS can never have an exclusive membership and the guild cannot sell their products for profit. There is no restriction on the creation of guilds. If an individual or individuals are interested in creating a Kingdom-wide guild in Atlantia, and have a clear idea of what the guild will do that it would be unable to do as an otherwise unaffiliated group, it is highly recommended that they communicate with the KMoAS. The KMoAS will help and guide through the guild-building process. See the Guidance for Chartered Guilds.