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Description Includes: Sources for Recipes, Sources for Ingredient s, Cariadoc and Elizabeth& #39;s Recipes, Bread, Vegetables , Islamic Dishes I: Meat with Sauce or Stew, Islamic Dishes II: Fried, Islamic Dishes III: with Legumes, Islamic Dishes IV: with Grains, Bread, or Pasta, Islamic Dishes V: Oven Dishes and Roasting, Islamic Dishes VI: Relishes and Dips, Chinese Dishes, Seafood, Soups, Poultry, Meat Dishes, Meat, Cheese and Egg Pies, Desserts, Appetisers , Etc., Drinks, Sauces, Pasta, Rice, etc., Additional Material on Period Cooking, Cooking from Primary Sources, Late Period and Out of Period Foodstuffs , Scottish Oat Cakes, Hildegard von Bingen&#39 ;s Small Cakes, How to Make Arrack.
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