A Profitable Booke, declaring diuers approoued Remedies, to take out spots and staines in Silkes, Veluets, Linnen and Woollen Clothes: With diuers Colours how to die Veluets and Silkes, Linnenn and Woollen, Fustian and Thread: Also to dresse Leather, and to colour Felles. 1605.
This book is transcribed from a copy currently at the National Art Library in London, England. Although this is the 1605 edition, the original edition was printed in 1586. Many of these recipes are translated verbatim from T Bouck va Wondre, an early 16th century Dutch manual on dyeing, cleaning and other household hints. The text suffered in translation. The primary transcription error was the translation of "weld" as "wood." Madder was consistantly translated as "greening weede."

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