Allerley Mackel: To remove stains from cloth, velvet, silk, gold stuffs and clothing these stains being of grease, oil or wine stains or any other kinds, and how to do this easily without damage, with waters or lyes as will be taught in this booklet. Thereto also how to restore clothing which has lost its color, as well as how one dyes yarn and linen, and also wood and bone, in a variety of colors.
The Allerley Mackel is an example of the popular kunstbuchlein, or collection of household & artisanal recipes, popular during the 16th century. My transcription was taken from the facsimile of the Allerley Matkel printed in Sidney Edelstein's article of the same name in the Journal of Technology & Culture, Vol V, No. 3, Summer 1964. The recipes are supplemented by my notes.

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