The Charles de Blois pourpoint: cut to pieces by a determined tailor
The silk fabric of the pourpoint of Charles de Blois was cut into an intimidati ng 26 pieces before assembly. Upon considerat ion, its tailoring is not 26 pieces-wor th of complicate d, however, because many of those original pieces could have been combined — with no change to the shaping of the garment — had the fabric been wider. To be exact, the pieces of the garment could have been reduced to 18 with no change to its shape at all. I believe the overly-pie ced cut is proof that the fabric was both narrow and scant in length. To this date, a detailed analysis explaining why the extra piecing was placed where it was has not been published. This article shows how the original pieces fit neatly into a layout on narrow, folded fabric while also revealing the original fabric's width, which I extrapolat ed using the armhole measuremen t and a basic understand ing of tailoring.

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